Support Report

Support Report

Support Report

What Body Mapping Technology can do for your Sleep

Support Report at Riley's

How does it work?

Originally created for the medical industry, Support Report is designed to accurately diagnose your body’s pressure points and recommend the right mattress for you.

1. Visit us in store and ask to speak with one of our Sleep Specialists. We will start by asking a few questions then guide you through our body mapping technology.

2. Our system utilizes 1,664 sensors to measure support and pressure relief. It will then generate a live pressure image and comfort map showing peak pressure areas that need comfort and support.

3. Once measured, the software will give you an unbiased mattress category recommendation showing you which mattress type will provide you with the best comfort and support. Couples will be mapped individually and will be able to see their individual results as well as their combined result and recommended mattress type.

4. Now knowing your recommended mattress type, our non-commissioned Sleep Specialists will guide you through our mattress gallery where you'll have the opportunity to pinpoint your perfect mattress.

Have questions before you get started?

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