Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Riley's Furniture Services

  • What can I do if I do not find the color or pattern of fabric that I am looking for in your store?

    You have come to the right home furnishing company for your needs! Nearly 40% of our customers work with knowledgeable sales staff and designers to choose the perfect fabrics and styles to fit their lifestyle. Riley's has always offered "custom order fabric and frame" options with many great furniture suppliers. Our staff will almost always be able to guide you right to that perfect choice that will make you happy and look great for years to come.

  • Do you offer free furniture delivery for new purchases?

    Unfortunately, no. We offer furniture delivery throughout a wide area and delivery charges are dependent upon the distance from our store. Our warehouse staff carefully inspects and prepares all furniture prior to delivery. Contact us for accurate and fair delivery details.

  • My new piece of furniture arrived from Riley's Furniture with damage. What can I do?

    We understand that sometimes, even with the right precautions, accidents can still happen. If the unfortunate does happen, and your new furniture arrives with shipping damage, do not hesitate to contact us. Once we are alerted to the problem, we can determine the best plan that works for you.

    Sometimes we may need to exchange or replace your purchase; and if the item is no longer in stock or is a custom order we can arrange to keep the damaged item in your home until the replacement arrives.

    Most importantly, you will never be told or made to feel like you must accept something that is in less than perfect condition. In most cases we are able to offer full refunds if an exchange or replacement is not able to be made. In either case, please rest assured that you will be treated quickly, efficiently and fairly.

  • Do you honor warranty claims?

    Riley's Furniture always honors all manufacturer warranties on any product that was purchased from our store. Most warranty problems typically occur within the first year of use, and nearly all of our suppliers offer at least a one year warranty on their products. If you feel that you have a warranty issue or concern, please contact us as soon as the problem presents itself.

  • Does Riley's Furniture offer an extended warranty or optional protection plan for my new purchase?

    Riley's Furniture is a member of an elite retail support group called "Furniture First". Being a member of this group means that Riley's can offer after-purchase assurances. This includes a comprehensive furniture protection plan that is easy to understand and make claims with; it is designed to give you the confidence that no matter what product you buy it will be backed by an extended warranty plan. This plan is an additional product and can be discussed at the time of the sale.

  • Does the furniture protection plan cover pet damage?

    Our protection offers many different levels and types of plans to our customers, and most plans cover some household pet damage.. If you are wondering about a certain type of pet or pet damage please ask your sales associate for a brochure to verify.

  • Do you offer Financing options?

    Riley's Furniture currently offers special financing* plans at all times of the year, these different plans range from 6 months to 5 years special financing* options depending on the time of the current promotion. Please see the store for details on the current financing promotion.

    *Offer subject to credit approval. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.

    Major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express,) cash, check and debit cards are also welcome as payment.

  • What is your return policy?

    We want you to have furniture in your home that you Love, not furniture you regret buying.

    At Riley's Furniture you will find our "Love It or Return It" to be one of the best return policies in the industry. If you are not completely satisfied with your selection for any reason, contact your Sales Specialist within 7 days of Delivery or Pickup. You may either reselect another item(s) or choose to return the item(s). The only stipulation, whether reselecting or returning, is making arrangements for the item[s] to be returned to our warehouse within 14 days of Delivery or Pickup Date, based on whichever method originally occurred.

    Once the item(s) have been returned to our warehouse within that 14 day period, a credit for the full amount of the furniture/accessory purchase, minus any delivery fees paid, will be added to your account for reselection credit. Or, if you are returning the item(s) for a refund, a check will be issued to you via mail. A reselection to another choice will require a redelivery fee when the new item(s) is delivered.

  • Do you have a Price Protection Promise?

    For over 50 years Riley's has encouraged our customers to let us know when they shop other stores if there is a brand or a style they like or if they find a lower price. Our price protection promise means we willingly match any term-for-term pricing including the internet. We want our customers to feel relaxed to discuss anything with our sales specialist.

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Questions About Furniture Care

  • I just purchased a leather sofa, how do I properly care for and protect the leather?

    Proper leather care is relatively easy, and relies on a few simple rules.

    • Regularly wipe down your leather furniture with a clean, dry cloth.
    • Do not place leather furniture in direct sunlight, this can cause the hide to fade, stiffen and crack from the heat exposure.
    • Avoid placing printed materials on the leather, as leather is a porous material that tends to absorb other dyes.
    • Clean your leather furniture with a mild leather cleaner every 5-6 months, and follow with a protective leather cream to keep it safe.
  • How do I care for my wood furniture?

    Wood furniture care is dependent on the type of finish on the wood. Simple regular maintenance is key to keeping your wood furniture in top shape.

    • Wipe down your wood furniture on a regular basis according to what is acceptable for your particular finish.
    • Keep wood furniture out of direct sunlight, as constant exposure can cause the finish to change colors. The finish may crack or peel with continued exposure to heat.
    • Keep your wood furniture away from heat or air vents, as the wood can warp over time if exposed to extreme temperature changes.
    • Water damage is a major concern with wood furniture. Always wipe up any spills immediately. Using coasters when eating or drinking on your wood furniture is a very good idea.
  • How do I care for my upholstered or fabric furniture?

    Like leather and wood, upholstered furniture requires specific care to remain in top shape.

    • Clean your upholstered furniture on a regular, weekly basis. Dust and debris tends to collect under the cushions, so make sure to vacuum both the cushion surface and underneath them.
    • Flip and rotate cushions regularly to keep the wear and tear uniform.
    • Keep upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight. As with wood and leather, sunlight can cause fabric to fade prematurely.
    • Extreme heat can cause the fabric on upholstered furniture to become brittle and age more quickly.
    • Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. Each piece of furniture comes with a specific tag detailing cleaning methods that are recommended for the type of upholstery.
  • How can I tell how durable upholstered furniture is?

    Each piece of upholstered furniture comes with a manufacturer's tag that details the wearability of the fabric used in the construction.

  • If I have children, what is the best type of furniture for me?

    Wood furniture and leather furniture tend to be very durable and long lasting, with proper furniture care of course. However, some upholstered furniture is meant for heavy use.

    The manufacturer's tag on upholstered furniture can tell you what kind of abuse the fabric can take.

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Questions About Mattresses

  • How can I find out what mattress type is best for me?

    iley's has non-commissioned Certified Sleep Specialists. Finding the right mattress for your sleep style and habits is difficult because everyone is different. Luckily there are several types of mattresses out there. Whether you're a sound sleeper or a fitful sleeper, Riley's Sleep Specialists can help find the right mattress to fit your needs. Nothing beats testing out a mattress yourself, so come on down to the showroom and give our mattresses the comfort test.

  • What are the differences in mattresses on the market today?

    There are 3 different types of mattresses on the market today; innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Each mattress type has its own specific set of benefits, and some mattresses are better for different sleepers.

    Innerspring Mattresses are the traditional coil or spring mattresses that typically require a matching box spring foundation. These mattresses are usually the least expensive of the bunch.

    Latex mattresses are very similar to memory foam mattresses in both design and support. A latex mattress is great for sleepers that are prone to allergens, as latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and have a very long lifespan.

    Memory foam mattresses are the most popular mattress on the market these days, and tend to be the choice for fitful sleepers. Memory foam mattresses conform to your body while you sleep and offer varying degrees of support depending on the brand and composition of the mattress. Gel memory foam mattresses are a new variation of this type of mattress, that helps provide even temperature comfort for sleepers.

    Stop into the showroom today and ask about our mattress selections.

  • When should my mattress be replaced?

    If you haven't gotten a good night's sleep or don't feel well rested, you may need to look into getting a new mattress. Each mattress type has a different lifespan and shows wear differently. Most innerspring mattresses last between 5 and 8 years, while latex mattresses may last up to 20 years. If your mattress is sagging, you can't get comfortable at night or you wake up unrefreshed; it is time to replace your mattress.

  • How do I care for my mattress?

    Proper mattress care can help increase the life of your mattress, as well as improve the quality of your sleep each night. Replace your bedding with clean ones on a regular basis, and vacuum the mattress frequently. Investing in a mattress cover will help protect your mattress from things that can grow inside them, like mold, mildew and dust mites.

  • If I replace my mattress, do I also need to replace my box spring?

    Oftentimes your mattress is sagging because of your box spring, and many new mattresses are designed to be paired with a complimentary support foundation. Placing a new mattress on top of an old and potentially unstable box spring can drastically reduce the life of your mattress. This could also void the manufacturer warranty on a mattress.

  • What could happen if I remove the "Do Not Remove" tag on my mattress?

    It is not technically illegal to remove the tag on your mattress after you have purchased it. It does serve as an easy identification card if you ever have a warranty claim to make and could VOID the manufacturer warranty if the label is removed.

  • What is your mattress return policy?

    Riley's Furniture and Mattress offers the "Riley's 90 Night Sleep Promise" on any new mattresses that we sell. We understand that your body will need some time to get used to your new mattress, and in some cases it may turn out to not be a good fit. If after 90 nights on your new mattress, you are still not happy with it, give us a call to discuss an exchange or refund.

    In conjunction with our "Riley's 90 Night Sleep Promise", we ask that you purchase a mattress protector pad when you make your initial mattress purchase. We will be unable to replace or refund your mattress without this mattress protector pad purchase. Our mattress vendors provide "sleep trial" mattress returns only if they have been protected by our mattress protector pads. At Riley's, we do not sell "used mattresses".

  • What are the different sizes of mattresses?

    • Twin--39 x 75 inches (or 99 x 190 cm)
    • Extra Long Twin--39 x 80 inches (99 x 203 cm)
    • Full--54 x 75 inches (137 x 190 cm)
    • Queen--60 x 80 inches (or 153 x 203 cm)
    • King--76 x 80 inches (or 198 x 203 cm)
    • Dual King--(sometimes called a split king). This is two 36" x 84" mattresses arranged side by side.
    • California King--72 x 84 inches (or 182 x 213 cm)
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