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- Helene Thibault, Supervisor - Customer Service,

- Kathleen Caron, marketing?,

7/7/2020 Emailed Steve (RIFU) 

7/8/2020 Response: "All our product is available on our web site in hi res.

Hopefully by the first of August they will be able to download the product in hires just the way they show it. We have a configurator now that you change the finishes on but it is not hi res yet.

If there is something else you need let me know."

I responded with what we needed to this unhelpful response.

7/24/2020 Followed up

7/28/2020 Steve forwarded to Antony. Steve doesn't know what we want.

7/30/2020 Antony: "I’m Antony from the marketing department at Amisco.

We do provide the Excel price list that you can turn in a CSV file and then upload it in your website, but we do not have an automated product feed.

We also have a Microsite project. It will allow the customer on your website to configure our product using our website. Basically  it will linked our website to yours so you want have to deal whit updated our finishes.

Let me know if you need more information or the Excel price list." 

Responded asking about frequency of communication

8/3/2020 Antony: "Usually, all the communication are sent to the stores directly (cancellation list, new products list and price updates). In order to remain efficient and logical, your team should get this information directly from Riley's Furniture.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who received all the different communications from Amisco at Riley’s Furniture. I might be able to find out after the Summer holidays." 

8/18/2020 I asked how frequently the price list is updated, if communication is sent by Sales Rep? More efficient for us to receive directly than depend on the store. Can they advise?

Vendor never responded.

4/22/2021 Emailed Roger (FMOK). He forwarded to Amisco IT

5/8/2021 Roger inquired if IT contacted Knorr, no contact received.

5/10/21 Roger forwarded request to Antony Cote. No API but can send Excel price list. I asked about previous correspondences where dealers are sent all updates directly. Also asked Roger if Knorr could receive those updates.

5/11/21 Roger confirmed he does NOT send that info to dealers - sent from Amisco. Check if Knorr can be added to FMOK dealer profile "if not perhaps someone at FMOK can take that assignment". 

Roger forwarded request to Helene.

5/21/21 Followed up with Roger & Helene after no update.

5/26/21 Helene transfered to Katheleen @ Marketing department. 

5/27/21 Forwarded from Roger, sent by Helene "Good morning Roger,

I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We cannot add this email address since it is not the dealer itself.

We do not send only discontinuation information but also prices, etc.

Furniture Mall needs to transfer the information to this company.

Thank you and have a great day!"


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